Welcome to 1st & Main — the intersection of financial services and financial technology

Our investments on both sides of the equation allow us to create an ecosystem where ideas can thrive and new solutions can develop.

Welcome to 1st & Main — the intersection of financial services and financial technology

$ 6 B
Capital Deployed Across 11 Funds Over 37 Years
Investments With 1,100 Acquired by Strategic Buyers
Years of Financial Services Research and Investing
Investment Professionals
Funds Managed
200 +
U.S. Communities in Which We Have Invested

Banking large on the future

With a focus on tech innovation and growth, we’re helping subregional banks secure the resources needed to succeed in today’s fast-paced financial landscape while achieving maximum shareholder value along the way.

At the heart of our mission is our belief that the best way to drive progress in the financial industry is through a thoughtful blending of institutional experience and innovation. This bridges the gap between fintech and community banking.

Banc Funds

Simply put, we back big dreams in subregional communities.

We’re big believers in the power of neighborhood banking and the service they provide to smaller communities across our nation. In fact, we’ve made it our mission to unlock their full potential, becoming a leading private equity investor in subregional financial services companies for over 37 years.

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Fintech Funds

We’ve expanded our investments into fintech–accelerating growth by embracing the future.

Our deep understanding of the complex and highly regulated financial services industry provides a competitive advantage to finding the innovators who can create significant value for banks and other financial services businesses.

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Our Investments

We approach investments with a deep level of experience and research, finding the right fit based on shared values and goals.

Ron Kruszewski

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer | Stifel Financial Corporation

“Stifel is now the eighth largest investment bank in the United States, but when we met The Banc Funds in 1994, we were a smaller, regional investment bank. Banc Funds took the time to understand our company and our business. They provided some key capital that allowed us to transition to the national organization that we are today. They are very easy to work with.”

Disclosure: A 1st & Main Growth Partners predecessor company was an investor in Stifel Financial Corporation.

T. Bondurant French

Chairman | Adams Street Partners

“We knew the 1st & Main managers back in the mid-1980s. There were investment pioneers focused on small financial service companies, and over 38 years, they have assembled considerable resources in this domain.”

Disclosure: Adams Street Partners is a limited partner of 1st & Main Growth Partners. Adams Street Partners has invested in other funds managed by The Banc Funds Company, an associated company to 1st & Main Growth Partners.

Dennis Hudson III

Chairman and CEO | Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida

“1st & Main Growth Partners has been a leader in researching and investing in community banking. They have also been very tech-forward in thinking about the industry.”

Disclosure: Funds managed by The Banc Funds Company, an associated company of 1st & Main Growth Partners, was an investor in Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida.

Jake Joraanstad

CEO and Co-Founder | Bushel, Inc.

“We are incredibly grateful for the investment and strategic expertise that 1st & Main Growth Partners have brought to the table. Their deep understanding of financial services, paired with a commitment to our vision for agriculture, has made them an invaluable ally in our journey. As we continue to enhance the payment capabilities within our software solutions, their insightful guidance and collaborative approach have played a crucial role in raising our potential and broadening our horizons.”

Disclosure: 1st & Main Growth Partners is an investor in Bushel, Inc.

Peter Hazlehurst

CEO and Co-Founder | Synctera Inc.

“In 1st & Main, we found a true partner in the shared goal of shaping the future of banking. Our mission to transform the banking landscape through innovative technology and strategic collaborations has been guided by them with unwavering support. We look forward to our continued partnership, where their vast experience in financial services paired with an extensive network of subregional banks, will put Synctera in a position to achieve all that we set out to do as a company.”

Disclosure: 1st & Main Growth Partners is an investor in Synctera Inc.

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