The same trusted Banc Funds
under a new name

There are thousands of small financial services companies building valuable business franchises, and we’re taking their success to the next level.

We may have changed the company name and expanded our offering, but at our core, we still believe that a small financial company with a vision can grow to become a great company. It’s why we’ve dedicated 37 years to backing subregional banks with big ambitions, and we’re not stopping now.

We Give Small Financial Companies the Strength That Larger Companies Use to Grow

We seek out companies with assets under $700 million that have the drive to transform themselves into something greater. We then provide the capital and strategic planning that allow them to grow, improve operations, and maximize shareholder value.

Working with management teams to understand, refine, and strengthen their vision, we provide the resources to facilitate growth to a larger platform. By meeting all the specific needs of small U.S.-based financial service companies, we have become the leading investor in this domain.

Unique Investment Profile

We provide private capital through investments in privately-held banks or those with limited share trading. We often purchase blocks of bank stock from shareholders, employees, and directors, providing them with an invaluable liquidity option. And because we are principals, not intermediaries, we commit to the success of our banks for the long-term.

Providing More Than Capital

We prioritize providing valuable insights to financial service companies, helping them capitalize on opportunities and avoid critical mistakes. We have a track record of successfully advising CEOs and management teams on strategic and capital planning, asset/liability management, and business mix.

Financial Services Evolution

As our involvement in fintech investing grows, The Banc Funds is transforming into a key piece of a larger puzzle, leading to the creation of 1st & Main.